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This site last updated: 15 July 2024.
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Welcome to the Meades family homepage. We are Rob in one house, Alice in another house, Hazel and Leo in both houses. We live in Saffron Walden, which is just south of Cambridge in the UK. We're interested in watching films (from Scooby Doo to Pi), following SpaceX/Tesla, gardening, playing the guitar (both electric and acoustic), writing stories, composing music, reading science fiction, trapping moths, model railways, autonomous robots, drinking beer and ferrets. Details of the bits and bobs on this website are below.

During the summer months you will find moth stuff, and you'll also find a new project on the front garden railway along with a slightly older project on astrophotography.

Sadly Samson and Delilah, our ferrets, are no longer with us: Delilah passed in late 2023 and then in June 2024 Samson went the same way; we realised what it was when Samson died: Aleutian disease.  It is a bit like HIV for ferrets in that they can carry it for a few years before it suddenly activates, the most noticeable symptom being that the ferret is unable to use its back legs; they last not much more than a day after that.

Samson Delilah

Active Topics

  1. Front Garden railway - a garden railway on a postage stamp, updated 15 July 2024.
  2. Photos from our garden - photos of interesting stuff we've come across, updated 16 May 2024.
  3. Misc projects - this and that, updated 10 July 2021.
  4. Our life stories in 100 words each - last [partially] updated 27 July 2022.
  5. Recipes for the things we often cook - last updated 26 June 2024.
  6. Blog - mostly venting, nothing to read here, updated 6 January 2021.

Site Archive

  1. Ferrets - our experience of ferret keeping, last updated 8 July 2024.
  2. Moth stuff - how to trap moths and the results of our moth trapping, last updated 31 July 2016.
  3. Astro - progress on astrophotography, last updated 22 January 2017.
  4. Unhealthy obsessions - some unhealthy things to make and do, last updated 30 June 2013.
  5. Robot stuff - progress on the design and build of RoboOne, an autonomous robot, last updated 5 November 2016.
  6. Keeping lizards - keeping a bearded dragon and several chameleons, last updated 19 May 2015.
  7. Keeping marine fish - keeping a marine aquarium, last updated 18 March 2013.
  8. Locust breeding stuff - progress on our attempt to breed locusts, last updated 26 January 2009.
  9. Hazel's gallery - last updated 21 December 2014.
  10. Leo's gallery - last updated 16 June 2013.
  11. N scale railway - last updated 7 May 2007.
  12. Formicarium - last updated 2 December 2007.
  13. Rob's dad's songs - some old recordings of Rob's dad singing some even older songs.
  14. Beer and cider recipes - Rob has lapsed, so this was last updated 3 March 1998.
  15. Drabbles - if you don't know what one is, click to find out.
  16. Piper J3 Cub model plane - Rob only flew the model twice back in 1996, but it was immense fun to build so he's kept the pictures here.

Worthy Links

  1. Essex Ferret Welfare - Wendy and Alan, the slightly mad ferret people.
  2. Saffron Screen - Saffron Walden's cinema.
  3. Saffron Hall - a state of the art concert hall in Saffron Walden.
  4. - loads of pictures of moths at rest, essential resource for identification.
  5. - not just birds, but lots of other stuff including forums where you may get help identifying moths.
  6. - a great place to identify the eggs, larvae and pupae of British butterflies and moths.
  7. - the A to Z of bearded dragons, including the famous arm-waving and head-bobbing videos.

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