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Ethnomusicology Major Project

In the final year of my undergraduate degree I completed a module called Music, Conflict and Social Change. This module introduced me to the field of ethnomusicology. Later I would learn that every academic defines ethnomusicology differently, but I define it as the study of how music manifests in culture.

My reading towards the end of the module inspired an epiphany: I wanted to research audience experiences of my hometown concert hall, Saffron Hall (a state-of-the-art concert hall attached to a comprehensive school in rural Essex). I discussed it with the module leader and realised that the best way to achieve this goal was through completing an MA in Ethnomusicology. That's what I spent the subsequent academic year doing.

4 months of fieldwork (108 pages of fieldnotes), 53 completed surveys, 13 excel charts and 207 pages of academic reading notes later, I'd finished my study. The results can be found below!


A big thanks goes out to the staff, volunteers and audience members of Saffron Hall for generously indulging my curiosity; my supervisor Hwee-San Tan for her guidance and understanding; and Fiorella Montero Diaz, without whom I wouldn't have discovered ethnomusicology in the first place!


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