Creative Writing Presentations

Creative Writing

I was elected as secretary for Keele Creative Writing Society (KCWS) for March 2016-2017. During this time I contributed a short piece of prose to the second KCWS anthology, and created various PowerPoint presentations for KCWS workshops. Click on the PowerPoint cards below to download my presentations for your own use!

Freudian Fiction

My first KCWS presentation explores how to insert classic psychoanalysis into your writing, with a few wacky Freud-inspired writing prompts.


Time Travel

Wreck the timeline by taking your character on a random adventure through time and space!



Take your character(s) on a trip around a random location.


Narrative Perspective

What kind of a narrator is your character? Find out with these writing prompts!


The Backup Workshop

Occasionally my presentations were part of a joint presentation with the other KCWS committee members. This Backup Workshop PowerPoint combines my excerpts from the following group presentations: a taster session, a Halloween workshop, a politics-themed workshop and a last minute back-up workshop.



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