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Debut Album Art Conception

27 February 2019

At the time of writing, I have composed 186 full songs, (including the weird sound art pieces), according to my repertoire spreadsheet (yes, that is a thing that I have). My debut album has been a long time coming. Sadly, the act of recording has been put on the backburner for a mixture of reasons. First and foremost, I have other priorities, like successfully completing various stages of higher education, and then there is the problem that has been a source of major creative consternation for me since 2012: RSI. However, I had an epiphany. I don't have to have everything recorded, but I do know what my album will be called. That means I can work on the cover artwork!

It started with a mannequin. I found a cheap one online and enlisted my father to dismantle its arms on arrival. I proceeded to spend an evening colouring in the mannequin with felt tips to match my favourite outfit.

From left to right: the mannequin with detached limbs, the mannequin in front of my sketchbook design for it, and the picture of me that I based the design on.


11 March 2019

Once the mannequin-me was finished, it was time for a photoshoot! I started off trying to perch the model mannequin inside my glockenspiel case but the background looked all wrong. I relocated to my bed, grabbed an appropriately monochrome bedsheet (along with my bedroom lamp), and set the scene. My room was appropriately trashed by the end of the photo shoot, but I have plenty of pictures to work with now!

Staged cover art set up

Cover Art Designs

7 July 2019

I've started using Instagram. This means that I've finally discovered the magic of filters! Today I downloaded a photo editing app (Pixlr) explicitly for album design purposes and started to experiment with design ideas for the final album cover art.

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Choosing a Design

8 July 2019

I have plenty of design ideas to choose from now! I narrowed the pool down to the 2 stylised images below. The next problem was choosing which one I wanted to go with for the final album, so I asked my Facebook friends which design they would choose and why.

I eventually chose the second design based on the overwhelming feedback in favour of it, and the fact that it's a better match for my personal brand: colourful, cartoonish, and slightly in your face.

Mannequin perched inside my glockenspiel case with a ghostly white background and monochrome appearance
Close-up on the mannequin in full colour for a more cartoony design


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