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Hello and welcome to my first home-made website!

I'm a UXer who's passionate about creativity and making a difference. I enjoy translating complex information into understandable, engaging content through articles, music, websites, or some combination of all three.

I completed my Dual Honours BSc in Music Technology and Psychology at Keele University in 2018. A year later I completed my MA in Ethnomusicology (the study of how music manifests within culture) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Read on to learn more about my interests. Alternatively, you can learn about my ongoing creative projects here, or check out a timeline of my projects here!

My Interests


I came across the term "user experience design" towards the end of my MA in 2019. During my MA I completed a beginners coding course which led to my attendance at a Code First: Girls conference in 2018, and I voluntarily managed six different WordPress websites for a non-profit organisation. The coding course introduced me to UX/UI principles as I started to build this website, and the volunteering developed my interest in website-user interactions. After the completion of my MA I joined a UX Design Learning Group to bolster my understanding of UX, and am currently in the process of learning as much as I physically can about design through my UX/UI internship at Dataworks Ltd. In my spare UX time, I like to work on improving the accessibility of this website (feedback is very welcome!) and redesigning an application for songwriters that I developed during my undergraduate degree.


I am a singer-songwriter who’s been composing since primary school. I performed in Cambridge as part of the Acoustic Project, organised multiple gigs as part of the Keele Folk and Acoustic Club (KFAC) committee, and contributed to the production and distribution of the KFAC albums. During my MA I produced over 20 original jingles for CEN8, a London-based non-profit, and released my debut EP. I am currently working on my debut album, while dabbling in the occasional collaborative side project. I enjoy producing electronic music (mainly trance), exploring soundscapes, and experimenting with minimalist piano melodies, but I feel most at home in the folk genre where I can make the most of my guitar, piano and ukulele.


I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I have participated in National Novel Writing Month 4 times and contributed extracts of my writing to various anthologies. During my BSc I produced regular creative writing presentations for Keele Creative Writing Society, and further refined my writing technique through Be More Creative (an event where I collaborated with multiple students to write and publish a novel in a week). During my MA I managed and produced written content for a non-profit organisation and, since graduating, I have been focused on refining an original plot for a collaborative webcomic.


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