Design Experience

I came across the term "user experience design" during a Introduction to Web Development coding course in 2018. The course introduced me to UX/UI principles as I started to build this website, and the volunteer work I did during my MA (which, at one point, involved managing six different WordPress websites for a non-profit organisation) developed my interest in website-user interactions. After the completion of my MA I joined a UX Design Learning Group and completed a UX/UI internship at a software consultancy startup to further develop my skills. In my spare UX time, I like to work on improving the accessibility of this website (feedback is very welcome!), redesigning an application for songwriters that I developed during my undergraduate degree, and generally enjoy trying to learn as much about UX as I physically can.

Web Design

I became familiar with hosting content on WordPress through my voluntary work at CEN8 (at one point, I was managing 6 different WordPress websites on behalf of the organisation). I used my personal blogging experiences to develop comprehensive skills in managing content uploads, editing site menu structures, and compiling monthly statistics reports constructed from WordPress data. This led to consultation work for Parkinson's UK charity and my developing interest in UX.

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Arts & Crafts

My experiences of art and graphic design at GCSE level (as well as general crafts fun!), continue to influence my eye for visual design today. I enjoy creating abstract art, and my appreciation for nature is showcased through the travel photography section of my Redbubble portfolio, where my artwork and designs are available for sale on a variety of different products.

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I am interested in animation because it's a form of visual storytelling. Sometimes it's easier to draft a storyboard than find the right words for a story! I used this skill commercially to create seasonal GIFs for CEN8's social media channels, and continue to broaden my horizons through my stop motion animation projects.

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