Music Experience

I am a singer-songwriter who’s been composing since primary school. I performed in Cambridge as part of the Acoustic Project, organised multiple gigs as part of the Keele Folk and Acoustic Club (KFAC) committee, and contributed to the production and distribution of the KFAC albums. During my MA I produced over 20 original jingles for CEN8, a London-based non-profit, and released my debut EP. I am currently working on my debut album, while dabbling in the occasional collaborative side project. I enjoy producing electronic music (mainly trance), exploring soundscapes, and experimenting with minimalist piano melodies, but I feel most at home in the folk genre where I can make the most of my guitar, piano and ukulele. Check out my StarNow profile for an overview of my most recent work!

Sound Art

During my degree I was inspired by Schaeffer's reduced listening approach to composition, and by the psychological associations that we make between sounds and our environment. My electroacoustic compositions adopt a hybrid approach of musique concrete techniques, often inspired by the natural noise of the soundscape.



As secretary of Keele Folk and Acoustic Club (KFAC) from 2016-2018, I contributed compositions to the KFAC albums and provided backing instrumental/vocal parts for other club members' tracks. I was involved in the distribution and marketing for the KFAC 2016 album and, additionally, the recording and mixing process for KFAC 2017. I have since released an EP and am currently working on recording my debut album. You can see how I make my cover art here!

Latest Releases (and Random Song Stats)

Sound for Film

My interest in soundtracks began with AS level Media Studies and continued into my degree, where I explored foley and film music from practical and theoretical perspectives. During my MA I composed a series of jingles for a non-profit organisation, and now I'm investigating the world of music library music.

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