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Thoughts of a Creole Woman

In my final 3 months at Goldsmiths, University of London my time was split between working on coursework and volunteering at CEN8. At CEN8, I was tasked with the challenge of starting to document the legacy of Dr Petronella Breinburg (a 93-year-old from Suriname with an impressive creative journey). Whatever I created had to showcase her work and be easily maintained by future volunteers. My job was to oversee the project and get the ball rolling.

The Process

July - September 2019

My work began with creating and pitching a digital legacy plan to the CEN8 directors, based on the brief I'd been given. The plan identified resources that the project could use (e.g: different platforms), how the final result would be structured in terms of appearance and content (shown through annotated digital mock ups), and the pros and cons of each platform option. I was able to use the presentation as a talking point to get feedback and discuss ideas for the project within the context of available CEN8 resources.

Group photo of the CEN8Heritage team in October 2018

Once these initial parameters had been established, I created the WordPress website which would form the basis of the Petronella's digital legacy, and started to add content to it. This involved a thorough investigation of the Petronella-related resources available to me, regular consultation with the CEN8 directors, editing CEN8 articles about Petronella's life, liaising with student volunteers to obtain a header image for the website, generating original content for the website (including a documentary video and a podcast series), and interviewing Petronella about her creative journey.

In my final week of volunteering at CEN8 I reviewed Petronella's most popular publication (Traditional Stories from the Caribbean), produced a handover document for future volunteers, and compiled all of my Petronella resources to hand over to the organisation.

The Result

November 2019

The project culminated with the launch of a CEN8 exhibition to celebrate and showcase Petronella's legacy. Check out the links below to see the final website, podcast and other pieces of content that I created for the project.


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