Writing Experience

Storytelling has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I participated in National Novel Writing Month 4 times and contributed extracts of my writing to various anthologies. During my BSc I produced regular creative writing presentations for Keele Creative Writing Society, and further refined my writing technique through Be More Creative (an event where I collaborated with multiple students to write and publish a novel in a week). During my MA I managed and produced blog content for a non-profit organisation and, since graduating, I have been focused on refining an original plot for a collaborative webcomic.

Academic Writing

Here is an assortment of the academic essays, presentations and posters I have produced throughout my education (spanning from AS level media studies to my recently MA work completed in 2019). For an overview of my published research and current research interests, check out my ResearchGate profile.

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Creative Writing

As secretary of Keele Creative Writing Society (KCWS) from 2016-2017 and a NaNoWriMo enthusiast, I have plenty of experience in storytelling! Here you can find creative writing presentations and exercises that I've put together, 2 collaborative novels I published on Amazon during my degree, and my most recent published writing. Check out my Curensea profile for more examples of my prose and poetry.

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In October 2018 I joined CEN8 (Creative Enterprise Network), a non-profit organisation based at Goldsmiths, University of London. My work on the CEN8 writing team included proofreading, managing the CEN8Gold WordPress blog, managing the CEN8 Twitter, and producing adaptation-focused articles for the monthly newsletter. This sparked my interest in review writing.

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