Fish In Fourth Quarter Of 2006

This page contains all the tank events from 1 October 2006 to 31 December 2006.
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Urchin Damage
10 December 2006

We've been noticing some white marks appearing on our lovely red coraline algae in the tank this week.

Damaged areas of coraline algae shown circled above, with the culprit nearby

The cause appears to be those teeth on the urchin - it's gnawing away at our coraline algae.  Let's hope it's not too voracious.

More Inverts
26 November 2006

Got bored and decided we needed more invertebrates in the tank (we do anyway).  We went to the shop and we bought...

First, two corals.  A trumpet coral and our first hard coral - see the hard white calcium base.  It is a Euphyllia of some form, possibly glabrescens.

Trumpet Coral Euphillia (may be glabrescens)

And a Flower Urchin, which apparently loves to wander around the tank with bits stuck to itself as a disguise.  Here it is wandering, very slowly and very tentacly.

Flower Urchin Sea Urchin (Flower Urchin)

Unexpectedly, it then climbed up the glass.

Flower Urchin underside Flower Urchin on the tank glass

And finally, it anchored itself there for the night and showed us its somewhat scary teeth.

Flower Urchin anchored to the glass for the night Flower Urchin's scary teeth

Let There Be More Light
21 October 2006

We've fitted four more T5 high-output 39 Watt tubes (one marine blue actinic 420, the rest marine white, all from Arcadia and 34 inches long), added a reflective surface above the lights and removed one of the old 30 Watt tubes that had an intermittent connection.  Light readings (taking into account the effect of the cover glass) have now become:

Light levels in lux from the surface of the water to the bottom of the tank 45 cm below.

This is very close to the plan, as is shown by the yellow line here (the purple line is the plan and the blue line the original light levels):

Lighting level: new (yellow), old (blue) and planned (pink)

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