Fish In First Quarter Of 2007

This page contains all the tank events from 1 January 2007 to 31 March 2007.
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19 March 2007

We noticed that a large number of tube worms have arrived on the rock with the Mushroom Polyps, which triggered us to get the Mesoscope out and take a few snaps.  First, here's a close-up of the middle of one of the Mushroom Polyps and a close-up of one of the pods of the Trumpet Coral.

Mushroom Polyp close-up Close-up of one of the Trumpet Coral's pods

Here are a selection of the tube worms that came on the rock with the Mushroom Polyps.

Tube worm close-up Tube worm close-up Tube worm close-up

Finally, here's a tube worm elsewhere in the tank unfolding itself after a scary fish had gone past (not speeded-up - real time).

Tube worm close-up Tube Worm unfolding

Mushroom Polyps And Growth Update
18 March 2007

Achieved a bit more green in the tank today by adding a group of Mushroom Polyps.

Mushroom Polyps

Thought it also worth giving a general update on coral growth.  Everything in the tank is filling-out nicely.

Full view of aquarium

 Just right of centre, the Green Star Coral is spreading out again.

Green Star Coral

The Pulse Coral has formed a veritable forest in the middle-top of the tank.

Pulse Coral forest

Beside it on the left, the Euphyllia is looking good and healthy.


And over on the far right the Finger Leather Coral has increased in girth while also twisting around to the light.  Notice that in the middle of the picture another set of Pulse Coral, a slightly spindlier form (which arrived by accident on the piece of rock carrying the Blue Linkia), has begun to infest as well, while at the bottom of the picture the Toadstool Coral has moved itself to the right and doubled in size.

Finger Leather Coral and stowaway pulse coral

Flame Scallop Deceased
6 March 2007

The Flame Scallop has been looking a little odd for the last month, with a portion of its lip pushed right out and the shell beginning to deform around it.  Not sure whether it was ailing or stuck, but it certainly wasn't possible to move it from where it was wedged and last night there was the beginning of a haze of slime around it.  It is no more.

Trumpet Coral Poo?
3 March 2007

The Trumpet Coral has been seen to exude brown streamers from the centre of two of its pods in the last few days.  These grow to a few centimetres long and then detach.  Could it be expelling waste?

Trumpet Coral poo?

Urchin Damage II
30 January 2007

The urchin has been causing yet more havoc, moving fairly large rocks around and ploughing through corals.  Here it is half-way up the rock face having collected both veggie clips from either side of the tank, some snail shells and a small rock holding half our Zooanthids.  We need to fasten down all rocks and are attempting to move any sensitive creatures to inaccessible areas.

Flower Urchin half way up the rock face carrying both our veggie clips, some snails and half of our Zooanthids

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