Fish In Second Quarter Of 2008

This page contains all the tank events from 1 April 2008 to 30 June 2008.
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Urchin Poo
14 June 2008

To prove that, somewhat like us we suppose, an urchin is really just a tube with mouth at one end and anus at the other, here's a video of it having a poo out of the top of its head.  Look in the middle of the picture for the small white pellets dropping down and the somewhat unusual green lump floating up up and away.

Sea Urchin poo

More Coral
14 June 2008

We went to Totally Tropicals on the way home from the vet and bought ourselves a Cauliflower Coral (or Pocillopora damicornis).  It adds some mauveness to the tank.

Cauliflower Coral Cauliflower Coral from above

Andy is off to TMC on Tuesday and promised to look for another female Maroon Clownfish for us.  

Nipping In The Tank
6 June 2008

We don't know whether this is a result of the change in fishy-dominance we now have in the tank, but the Regal Tang has begun nipping at the Virgate Rabbitfish.  Here it is caught on camera.

The Regal Tang nipping at the Virgate Rabbitfish

Maroon Clownfish Deceased
3 June 2008

The Maroon Clownfish was having trouble remaining horizontal yesterday so we caught it, gave it a brief dip in fresh RO water then, placed it in the sump tank.  It had a few moments of stability but by the morning was dead. A great pity, especially as its mate will likely suffer bullying from the other fish now and may not survive.

Illness In The Ranks
1 June 2008

The Maroon Clownfish has been showing signs of illness today: a discolouration around the mouth and gills, the lighter areas in the photograph below.  She's eating OK, so we'll wait and see.

The female Maroon Clownfish's discoloured area

One-Spot Fox-face Rabbitfish Deceased
27 April 2008

Found the One-Spot Fox-Face Rabbitfish dead in the tank on Friday.  No outward signs of trauma, just not moving anymore.  Went to Totally Tropicals and found they had a Virgate Rabbitfish: very similar in colouring, behaviour and tank suitability but without the sticky-out nose.  We have him/her now as a replacement.  Slightly worryingly the Regal Tang has taken to hiding.  Either it's upset by the loss of the One-Spot Fox-Face Rabbitfish or it may be in trouble itself.

We talked to Andy in the shop about the status of the tank.  Since the hard corals weren't too bothered by the water-change experiment but the soft corals were hard hit, it seems plausible that we should dose-up on Iodine, something which all the tank inhabitants will use up but which soft corals are more sensitive to.  Have bought some Iodione and will try dosing with this.

Virgate Rabbitfish

Blue Linckia Update
19 April 2008

It's been a month since the Blue Linckia suffered its amputation.  It shows now signs of ill health, or of the leg growing back.  The end of the leg simply has the small white suckers poking out of it, just like the feet you can see here. 

Blue Linckia on the glass

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