Fish In Second Half Of 2008

This page contains all the tank events from 1 July 2008 to 31 December 2008.
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Bristle Worm Alimentation
16 December 2008

Spotted a bristle worm in the tank this evening which, interestingly, was licking away at the underside of the surface of the water.  Here's a slightly fuzzy video of it in action.

Bristle worm licking the underside of the water's surface

Sea Hare Alimentation
14 December 2008

Our Sea Bunny has been eating and, well, doing the other thing as well.

Sea Hare eating Sea Hare poo

Sea Hare
14 December 2008

Visited Totally Tropicals today and found they had a few Sea Hares, a form of nudibranch that grazes on algae rather than eating corals.  These forms are apparently called Sea Bunnies because of their bunny ears.

Sea Hare, or Sea Bunny
The Sea Bunny's face and bunny ears The Sea Bunny's peculiar rear end

Here's the Sea Bunny browsing.

Sea Hare browsing

While we were there, we also bought a pair of Blue Legged Hermit Crabs to help with our clean-up.

Blue-legged Hermit Crab

30 November 2008

There is a sponge like creature that has been growing at the back of the tank pretty much since we set it up.  It grows slowly and is difficult to photograph but has now spread quite widely so we thought it worth displaying here.

The sponge growing at the back of the tank The sponge, side view
Another form of the sponge, growing around the bottom of the tank

Out Of Arms
9 October 2008

Our unfortunate Blue Linckia has now run out of arms and, left with one and a bit, is deceased.  Long live the Blue Linckia.

On a more positive note, the Virgate Rabbitfish is now spotless.  

Health Update
21 September 2008

A general update on the health of the invalids in the tank:

The Virgate Rabbitfish began to show a few more spots last week, though has since recovered a little (maybe through cleaner water and more regular feeding).

The Virgate Rabbotfish's new spots

A small segment of Finger Leather Coral that is left seems to be sprouting a few handies, so has the potential to recover.

The Finger Leather Coral's surviving fragment

And finally the Blue Linckia that suffered an amputation seems to have suffered yet another amputation. It is now down to just three arms.

Blue Linckia's additional amputation, now down to three arms 

Pussy Gone
7 September 2008

We've been a bit recalcitrant on the water changes recently and have experienced an increase in algal growth as a result.  More interestingly, we went away for 6 days and on return found that the Finger Leather Coral or Pussy Coral had almost complete disappeared.  Rather a dramatic change and probably not good for the tank water to have such a large item dissolve in it.

Where the finger leather coral used to be

Also, one strand of the Caulifower Coral seems to have become bleached, though the rest of it remains healthy.

Bleached strand of Cauliflower Coral

Blue Linckia Update
2 August 2008

It's a little over four months since the Blue Linckia suffered its amputation and the wound has now closed up though we're not sure there's any sign of the leg growing back at all.

The Blue Linckia's leg wound now closed up

Virgate Rabbitfish Mark
20 July 2008

The Virgate Rabbitfish is showing a small darker-coloured mark on one of its sides.  No other signs of ill health, though it is still being hassled by the Regal Tang.  On a positive note, the Maroon Clownfish's mate is not showing any signs of ill-health in the absence of his partner.

Spot on the side of the Virgate Rabbitfish

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