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This is the live-data page for the fish tank's water quality monitor.

The graphs below show the key water parameters in the tank, updated every 15 minutes.  Ensure that you refresh this page to get updated graphs. Any gaps in the graphs represent internet connection downtime or equipment downtime.

The data is collected using IKS Aquastar kit. We have a base unit to which you can connect up to 8 probes; we have temperature, pH, salinity, redox and dissolved oxygen probes.  The base unit stores up to 2000 measurements at a programmable interval and also makes readings available every few seconds through an RS232 port. We've attached an RS232 to Wifi converter to this and then collect the readings through a virtual COM port on a PC elsewhere in the house. There we process them and FTP them to our website every 15 minutes where a PHP script formats them for display.

back Temperature pH Redox Potential forward

Salinity (actually Specific Gravity since that's more practical to measure)

Dissolved Oxygen

Normalised graph of all parameters so that they can be compared side-by-side over time

Powered by PHPlot and, for the trend lines on the graphs, LeastSquareRegression.

In table form:

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