Hazel's Gallery, 2004-2005

This page contains Hazel's gallery stuff from 2004 to 2005.
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Another Tune
11 December 2005

Hazel has composed another short tune which her guitar teacher has asked her to play at the school Christmas music event thingy.  Here it is (in mp3 format).

Speed Thingy          

Hazel's Own Music
15 October 2005

Hazel has been composing her own tunes on the guitar.  Here are a few of them (in mp3 format).

Imagine A Place     Imagine A Place, Instrumental     I Don't Know I Haven't Made Up A Name Yet

Daddy's Birthday Card
10 October 2005

Hazel made daddy a birthday card in the style of Purple Ronnie.

Front cover Message inside

Sunset On Far Away Island
12 August 2005

Hazel decided to try some different art.  Here it is.  There's a coconut in the single tree, and the ship you can see is a rescue ship arriving in the sunset.

Sunset On Far Away Island

Note: in Feb 2006 we received a request from Alan Quarnberg, VP of software company Piracle in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA), asking to display this picture as one of the pictures-of-the-day in the common area of their offices.  Hazel happily agreed.

Africa Project
7 August 2005

Looking for something to do during the holidays, Hazel decided to spend the first week doing a project on Africa.

The Africa Project Included in the project (from top left to bottom right) are:
  • a fold-out booklet on African animals,
  • a sheet on snakes with pictures from the web and some pop-up snakes, one of which is coiling around a mouse,
  • a spiral snake,
  • a plate holding African foods,
  • an "Elephants And Snakes" game
  • a map of Africa,
  • a booklet on African clothing,
  • a graph showing the temperatures in various African countries on 5 August 2005,
  • a sheet on elephants,
  • a booklet on Ostriches.

Not bad for 7 day's work.

Hazel's Sunflower
7 August 2005

Hazel was given a sunflower seed to plant for her homework.  She planted it at the end of May and it has grown at an amazing rate, averaging 30 cm each week and peaking at 50 cm in one record week.  It is now more than 2.14 metres tall and still doing well.

Sunflower at it's full height (though a little droopy) with Hazel's arm for scale Hazel's sunflower

Swimming Award
6 August 2005

Hazel got her 25 metre swimming award yesterday and Leo, who was taking swimming lessons at the pool at the same time but is still a non-swimmer, wanted one too.  So Hazel made him a certificate and a double-sided badge for his jumping-in-and-splashing-about.  The spinning badge is daddy's first attempt at a Macromedia flash image and it hasn't quite worked, but having spent 3 hours getting it this far we request that our gentle reader stares at it and convinces themselves that it is a double-sided disk or there's a danger daddy will waste his life trying to get the spinning-disk effect right.

Leo's swimming certificate

Leo's Computer
31 July 2005

While mummy and daddy were hiding in bed one Sunday morning, Hazel made Leo a laptop computer on which he then cheerfully played games.

Laptop computer for Leo

Jack In The Box
2 June 2005

Triggered by an item on the new Andy Pandy, Hazel decided to make herself a jack in the box during half term holiday.  Here it is in action.

Jack In The Box (Windows WMV format)

18 May 2005

Hazel did what we think is a particularly good abstract pattern with her acrylic paints yesterday.


Leo's Fifth Birthday
30 April 2005

Hazel made Leo a particularly impressive present for his fifth birthday.  Since she knows he likes fire engines, she made him one out of boxes and cling film.  It has a seat and steering wheel inside, a removable ladder at the back (so that you can get at the things inside), two doors and toilet rolls for wheels.

The fire engineThe fire engine
Inside the fire engineSteering wheel inside the fire engine

24 April 2005

No longer satisfied by written/drawn booklets, Hazel has decided to branch out into the novel format.  First few chapters of her first work, The Girl, The House And The Pony, a work in progress, are now available.

A Change Of Style
24 April 2005

Some acrylic colours that arrived at Christmas have invited a change of style in Hazel's paintings:

SunflowersChristmasSun And Scene

Pop Ups
24 April 2005

Hazel spends an inordinate amount of time, far more than is represented here, in creating pop-up books and things.  It is, of course, difficult to get the sense of a pop-up thing in a 2D medium such as this.  So just to give you an idea, here's a little pop-up moth-trap that Hazel made for daddy on his return from somewhere or other.  It comes complete with three moths on springs, a mercury-vapour lamp hanging in the middle and a wooden frame.  By the time this picture was taken it was somewhat battered (having been made around 6 months before), but in its original form it came with a little piece of plastic that perfectly represented the perspex bits on the moth trap as well.

Hazel's Pop-Up Moth Trap

Hazel's Guitar
8 January 2005

Hazel began taking guitar lessons at school last term and has now got to the point of playing her first tune.  Here it is, along with the "theme" that she's composed for herself (in mp3 format):

Smoke On The Water  Hazel's Theme

Four Seasons Haiku
18 December 2004

Hazel's been doing Haiku's at school as a way of learning about syllables.  Here's one about the seasons.

Lovely snowy night.
Sparkling snow on the pathway.
Snow balls and snow men.

Blossom in, green bowl.
Happy baby lambs playing.
Lots of bright bluebells.

Crumbly golden leaves.
Boots step on crumbly leaves.
Corn for harvesting.

Big yellow Sunflowers.
Lots of flower contest fun.
Holidays at beach.

My Monster
31 October 2004

A Sunday morning poem for halloween, with pictures.

My monster is long and wide and….
Can glide

Gliding monster

My monster is very prickly who cares….
He’s tickly

Ticklish monster

My monster is very very naughty and….
All warty

Warty monster

My monster has long long big wings….
Like pig skins

Pink pig-skin wings

My monster has a pony tail it’s more….
Like a bony tail

Monster's bony tail

My monster has a hairy back it’s really….
All black

Monster's black back

My monster is specially sad when he goes….
All mad

Mad monster

Beach Poem
18 September 2004

Hazel felt a need to do a beach poem.  Here it is.

Sitting on the beach sitting on the beach.
With silver waves splashing on your feet.
Enjoy the caves.
Then realise.
There’s lots of fun outside.
Look about the rock-pools.
What do you see?
I see shrimps that tickle me.
Hey let’s build a real sand castle.
Big enough for my baby brother.
Enjoy your stay.
Time to go but we are going to a castle though.

1 September 2004

During the holidays Hazel decided to construct a village around which Leo could run his Lego school bus.  They played happily with this construction for hours.  Leo allowed Hazel one go with the bus.  Cooperative sibling fun with no telly in sight Smiley.

9 August 2004

Hazel fancied drawing a Tiger, but couldn't figure out how to do it (daddy helpfully suggested drawing a cat, then making it into a Tiger, which didn't work at all).  Inspired by a scene from Jungle Book, here's what she came up with.

Hazel's tiger

Welcome Home
31 July 2004

Hazel (and Leo) did a "welcome home" card for Rob after he'd spent a week in China.  Leo suggested the blue van, but the art work is all Hazel's.  Hazel had been bought some trainers in the interim...

Hazel and Leo's welcome home card

Hazel and Leo's welcome home card

Fireworks On The Common
22 May 2004

Hazel and Natasha did this 'Van Gogh' of fireworks on Saffron Walden common in late play club last week.

Fireworks on the Common

Hazel And The Hawk Moth
9 May 2004

Lime Hawk Moth We decided to put the moth trap out on Sunday. There was a warm wind it was not sunny but still it was worth going into the garden if you have a moth trap out! You could tell the difference between the female lime hawk moth and the male. Here's how you see the male had dark spots and the female has bronze spots. I actually got both the female and the male on my hand. It tickled at first but I got use to it. Here's a picture of it climbing up my jacket and onto my hand.

The Big Blizzard
28 February 2004

Big Blizzard Once when HAZEL was out with ALICE my MUUMY and ROB my dad and Leo my little brother were out heading towards home iT STARTED TO hail mum told her to put her hood up very well . Thoughrt HAZEL so she put her hood up you see it was SNOWING at first then it started to HAIL I could hear it tapping on my hood. dddddddd! Went the HAIL but it soon turned into SNOW finally we got home and we were glad to.

Hazel's Water Picture
21 February 2004

Hazel likes making water pictures - they're easy to create and can be quite spectacular.  Here's how to make one of your own.
Water Picture
  1. First you get a tissue.
  2. Next you draw a pattern or a picture on the tissue with a felt-tip pen.
  3. Then you wet the tissue and wait for it to dry and voila!

Drawings On The Computer From A Visit To Linton  Zoo
15 February 2004

Hazel got to touch the millipede, the bearded lizard and the snake (a python called Percy).

Fast Running Beetle (a cockroach)Large Snail (Giant Land Snail)Scaled Lizard (Bearded Dragon)Slithery Snake (a python called Percy)Smiling millipede

Rolly Polly
14 February 2004

Daddy and Leo Playing Rolly-Polly Lost for a scene to draw of a Saturday morning, Hazel decided to capture the essence of daddy and Leo playing "rolly polly".


The Snowy Garden
29 January 2004

Here Hazel describes the snow we had last week.
Hazel (right) and Leo (left) in the snowy garden The snowy garden

Hello I’m Hazel Meades today it was so snowy that some of the teachers couldn’t get to school, so the school was shut.  Alice my mum heard that on the radio.  The first thing we did today was to play in the gardens snow and now I am writing this.  Sorry but I’ve got to do the pictures for this until then good-bye.


St Francis
January 2004

This is a book Hazel made after learning about St Francis at school. As the blurb on the back cover says:
There lives a very rich man called Francis. What do you think he does to help the poor people?

Francis - front cover Francis - page 1 Francis - page 2 Francis - page 3 Francis - page 4 Francis - page 5 Francis - back cover

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