Hazel's Gallery, 2006

This page contains Hazel's gallery stuff from 2006.
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Half Term Aliens
5 November 2006

During half-term Hazel and Leo jointly made a book of aliens.  Here it is.

The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 1 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 2 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 3 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 4
The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 5 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 6 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 7 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 8
The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 9 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 10 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 11 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 12

The pictures are all largely self-explanatory apart from the last one, which is Leo's.  It shows a war between the Doughnut people and the Traffic Light people.  The Traffic Light people destroyed the Doughnut people's planet so the Doughnut people are fighting back with magnetic dynamite bombs against the Traffic Light people's traffic light dynamite.

Figures and Hovers
10 September 2006

As a present for getting a good school report, Hazel chose to buy some Fimo modelling clay.  It's clever stuff in that it's easy to mould and sets after just 30 minute bake in a gas-mark one oven.  She made the two figures from the pet pack.  The dog is looking a little worse for wear having been played with rather a lot.

The pets made in Fimo modelling clay

Even more exciting, Hazel got to go to a British Association festival day in Norwich with school at which she not only learned about famous scientists, microbiology and how to bend the ball like David Beckham, but she also got to make a hovercraft.  Not a joke or pretend hovercraft, a real hovercraft made out of a polystyrene tray,  a piece of cardboard housing and an electric motor.  Here it is working.

The hovercraft The hovercraft in action

Little Town For The Little People
23 August 2006

After the houses and the triple-decker bus Hazel hasn't stopped.  She has since constructed Little Town for her little people and plays with it every day.

Little Town

The building on the left is the school, along the top are the houses with a conservatory attached to the house on the right, on the far right is a block of flats and at the front is the restaurant, though all the food is held separately in the red spinning-top for ease of carriage.  Ten people and four animals live here. All of them are in their houses apart from Mr String who is sleeping outside in his blue bed (bottom left corner, next to the restaurant).  When this photograph was taken one person and one animal were missing so there are "wanted" signs posted around the town; you'll be glad to know that they have since been located, safe and sound. 

Triple-decker Bus
16 July 2006

Hazel has made a triple-decker bus for her town of little people.  It's based on one of the old London Routemasters, with stairs, windows, a rear door you can leap-on through and a full complement of seats.  The front is open so that she can put people in it.

Triple-decker bus Triple-decker bus, interoir
Triple-decker bus

Self Help
24 June 2006

Hazel had a bit of an incident with a friend at school and decided to write a short self-help manual in case others could learn from her experience.

Introduction Simple Arguments

11 June 2006

Hazel went to late play last Monday and was introduced to making pompoms out of wool.  Since then she has been making them for friends in her class and has quite a list.  Here's the production line for this weekend.


Friends To The End
27 April 2006

Hazel's guitar compositions have advanced to fully-fledged songs now.   Here is Friends To The End (mp3).

Friends To The End

17 April 2006

Hazel has made a few model houses during the holidays.  They are each no more than 4 cm high but she's taken the time to add plenty of internal detail plus a carrying handle. 

Hazel's houses Internal detail of the blue & yellow house from the top
Internal detail of the orange house from the front with drunken chick inside

Sarah's Love Poem
25 March 2006

Hazel is going through a poetry phase again.  We thought this one was amusing.  See also the song version

Jason’s so romantic with his cute curly hair.
(I think he looks like a bear)

He punched me today hurray!
(Uh oh! Now she’ll be putting on more smelly beauty spray)

 Jason’s so handsome with his sweet brown eyes.
(Next she’ll spend hours looking at his tie)

He kicked me under the table yesterday!
(He’s got soot in his shoe okay!)

I’ve had enough of this all right!
Stop saying you’re going to kiss him tonight!

A Board Game
19 February 2006

The final making of this half-term is a board game, which we all played this afternoon.

Hazel's board game

You start at the bottom and throw a dice each, working your way up to the top and doing forfeits or picking up cards as indicated. One of the cards Hazel is particularly proud of is the "Trolls Riddle" card (bottom right).  It has a riddle on each side.  The one on the other side is:

The Chinese introduced me bent,
Though I must admit money got spent,
You use me when there's a river.
What am I?

The answer is...

Van Gogh Painting
19 February 2006

Since no-one would get out of bed on-time this morning, Hazel occupied herself with a Van Gogh style painting.

Hazel's Van Gogh painting

You should be able to see a bridge in the middle of the picture with trees either side and the setting sun in the distance.

Half Term Makings
15 February 2006

Hazel and Leo went into auto-play mode this half term.  Here is the all the stuff that Hazel has made so far.

The stuff Hazel has made in half term Leo attempting a nasal fitting of a lorry plus load (the wheels have fallen off)

From left to right we have:  two squishy toys (made from socks) with separable metallic blue outfits, a papier mâché ladybird, a mini car carrier for Leo, a Valentine's Day card for Leo, a Valentine's Day card for mummy (two doves are carrying the card in their claws), a Valentine's Day card for daddy (Purple Ronnie style - he's drunk again) and finally a car for Leo.  Leo is also shown attempting a nasal fitting of what was a lorry plus load (the wheels have fallen off).

Car Wash
2 February 2006

Hazel decided to make Leo a car wash.  He fell upon this immediately and a queue of cars formed in short order.  At tea-time 'afters' was sacrificed to make up stories about the car wash.

The car wash in action The inside of the car wash with adjustable rollers, an openable door at the back, rubber flaps on the exit and a petrol pump on the right hand side A queue soon formed

Rainbow Bird
16 January 2006

Hazel decided to draw a picture of Rainbow Bird (?) in a Van Gogh style again with very fine lines and with overlaid pens of different colours.  She thought it should be displayed here.

Rainbow Bird

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