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Golden Test Tube
18 December 2008

We wouldn't normally put school things in here but this was so cool we felt we had to.  Earlier in the term for her science class Hazel had to make a timer that would time 10 seconds fairly accurately.  She made one very simply using a water bottle with a hole in it: make a hole near the bottom of the water bottle, fill it to a specified height with water while covering the hole with your finger, then release your finger and it should take ten seconds for the water to fall to a lower level (which Hazel had calibrated).

At the end of term she won a prize for most accurate timer.  Here it is.

The Golden Test Tube

Pot Plant
6 December 2008

While eating out in a restaurant this lunchtime Hazel decided to draw the nearest pot plant with her new posh felt tips.  She wanted the picture displayed here.  The original pot in which the plant sat wasn't quite as colourful as in Hazel's version.

Hazel's pot plant

Summer Pudding
16 November 2008

Hazel had an active day today, a part of which was making a Summer Pudding from the new recipe book she brought home from school on Friday.  It was delicious.

Hazel's Summer Pudding 

Lollypop Express
3 November 2008

The enthusiasm for PowerPoint amongst Hazel's e-mailing friends has turned into an exercise in journalism.  Click on the picture below to read issue 3 of  The Lollypop Express (you will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view the show). 

Da Lollypop Express, issue 3

Birthday Card
10 October 2008

Hazel made a birthday card for daddy's birthday today.  It's an ant's nest with an ant on top carrying a leaf.  The ant had the right number of legs until Hazel realised she needed two more to carry the leaf.  So those are arms, not legs.

Hazel's "ant's nest" birthday card to daddy

Night News
2 August 2008

Hazel gives Leo Night News every evening when they go to bed.  She's also been making him actual Night News newssheets.  The first was about James Bond, this second one is based around the Playmobil castle that has seen a reprise on the landing this week.

Pirates Of The Caribbean
2 August 2008

Hazel was bored during the holiday week so while re-watching the Pirates Of The Caribbean films she decided to do a DVD cover of her own that she wanted displayed here.  It has a noose motif.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

12 July 2008

Hazel has been going to art club after school.  She did this collage of a chicken, which we thought was rather good.

Chicken collage 

Father's Day
15 June 2008

Hazel made daddy a mill (Qasara, his new work, is housed in a mill building) and a moth for father's day.

A Father's Day mill A Father's Day moth

The Killer Tattoo
12 April 2008

Last Wednesday Hazel went to a sleepover party at Robyn's house, for which they each had to prepare a scary story.  Hazel spent some time writing hers.  Click on the cover below to read it.

The Killer Tattoo

11 April 2008

Last Sunday, while the rest of us were at a garden centre for the afternoon, Hazel spent the entire time making a copy of the front cover of a Barnyard DVD.  While not necessarily creative, it does show great dedication to her work (especially doing the grass, we're told).

Barnyard Barnyard

A Work In Progress
4 April 2008

Hazel has the basics of a song here, though not with enough words to sing yet.  We thought it worth a video of her at this stage of the composition: click on the picture below to see it. 

A work in progress

The Clampy
31 March 2008

Hazel has spent the last week or two creating The Clampy.  She explains what it is herself if you click on the picture below.

The Clampy

Easter Bonnets
20 March 2008

We wouldn't normally put school work in here, but Hazel put so many ideas and so much effort into making this Easter bonnet (with some constructional help from mummy) that it just had to be displayed.  She won first prize in year six for it: everyone thought it was made of real chocolate.

Hazel's Easter bonnet

Piggy Intricacy
22 January 2008

At some point or other Hazel received a tiny notebook that is water-marked with the picture of a pig.   To show her intricate style, find below her Sunday afternoon embellishing of the picture (original on the right).

Piggy intricacy: the watermark is shown on the right, the doodled version on the left

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