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28 December 2009

Hazel spent some time drawing a decorative vase at Christmas and wanted it displayed here.


Christmas Presents
25 December 2009

Hazel has been busy making things for Christmas presents.  She made Leo a comic: The Best Of Leo.  It came with a free gift, a bubble grenade.

Hazel's Christmas comic for Leo, page 1 Hazel's Christmas comic for Leo, page 2 Hazel's Christmas comic for Leo, page 3

She made mummy a Cyberpet (made in tech at school).  When you press the button it plays a tune and the eyes light up alternately.


And finally, she made daddy a clay box of aboriginal design (in her school art class).

Aboriginal clay box

More Magix
15 December 2009

Here's another song: "Why?"  Hazel is still using the pre-loaded sounds with her voice and lyrics.  We fancy this is more of a Kate Bush sort of style.

Magix Music Maker
21 November 2009

Hazel has spent a day playing with Magix Music Maker.  She's only got the pre-loaded sounds and her voice/lyrics in this experiment.  Next to get her guitar and piano on-board...

Mummy's Birthday
26 October 2009

Hazel's presents for mummy's birthday this year had a vampire theme.  First there was a Morph with fangs and a cloak...

Vampire Morph

...then a necklace of fire and garlic with a gold chain (mummy had wanted a chunky (but not too chunky) gold necklace with a red pendant for a while)...

Vampire necklace close-up

 ...and finally a leaflet (written in crayon and scrap paper while we were away in Germany) describing how to use the vampire slaying necklace.

Hazel's vampire leaflet 

Midnight Owl
20 October 2009

Hazel doodled a quite complicated picture in her notebook at the pub this evening.  She calls it Midnight Owl.  The writing is mirror writing, it's not a fault in the scanning.

Midnight Owl

Birthday Hard Disk
10 October 2009

Knowing of his recent problems with multiple hard disk failures, Hazel decided to give daddy the answer to all his problems for his birthday: the perfect hard disk.  It comes with a complete and very professional sales brochure and it is not only shiny but made of Strongonium with protective luminous stickers (see the brochure to understand why these are necessary).

The hard disk and its envelope with gift label

The Perfect Hardisk brochure, front page The Perfect Hardisk brochure, main spread The Perfect Hardisk brochure, cartoon page The Perfect Hardisk brochure,back page

Strictly Ballcox
27 August 2009

Hazel and Leo have made their next film, Strictly Ballcox.  It all started after Hazel found an interesting tango tune on the piano.

The plot: Leo and Hazel are on a posh Strictly Ballroom show and are performing their special dance but Hazel gets really annoyed with Leo as he's spitting out the special rose they are meant to use; Hazel flounces off. She finds a ballcock and returns with it, then they do the dancing they enjoy instead, which ends up with Hazel attempting to balance a rose on Leo, him pushing it away, then Hazel attacking him with it at the end in annoyance. The judges, unsurprisingly, think this is all rubbish. The End.

Click on the YouTube link below to see it. 

12 August 2009

Hazel and Leo made "costumes" out of old cardboard boxes today.  Hazel chose to be Candice from Phineas & Ferb


Our House
13 August 2009

Hazel decided on a new project on Monday: modelling the downstairs of our house. She found a large cardboard box and spent the day completing the model in smaller cardboard boxes that Alice has always saved for this sort of thing. I recognised the model immediately, though Hazel says she has yet to put in many of the finishing touches. Here is a fuzzy video tour of the model; note the lovingly constructed toilet seat (one of the finishing touches are the walls surrounding the toilet, left off for the moment so that she can move around the model more easily).

House model

Father's Day
21 June 2009

Hazel did a cartoon of daddy as a superhero named Mr Electrician for Father's Day.  You need to bear in mind when reading it that mice and rats are the same thing.

Mr Electrician page 1 Mr Electrician page 2
Mr Electrician page 3

Boomerang Gun
14 June 2009

Hazel and Leo spent Friday and Saturday making a film.  It's called Boomerang Gun (modified from "Dagger" 'cos we couldn't find a dagger).  It's their first film with a proper go at editing and a sound track made up by both mummy and Hazel this morning.  Click on the YouTube link below to see it. 

Another Doodle
17 May 2009

Hazel got bored again and this time sketched the lounge.

The Lounge

Red Dwarf Doodles
15 April 2009

Hazel and Leo have been watching lots of Red Dwarf this holiday.  While watching Hazel has occupied herself with Red Dwarf and psychedelic doodles, each covering an entire sheet of A4 paper.

Red Dwarf doodle Psychedelic doodle

First Sight
4 April 2009

Hazel has composed her first piece for the piano.  Entitled First Sight, it's also her first love song.  Click on the triangle in the middle of the image below to hear it.  The style is a mixture of Alanis Morissette and Adele.

Mother's Day
22 March 2009

Hazel decided to make a comic strip for Mother's Day.  It took her most of yesterday to draw it.  Here it is.

Hazel's comic strip for Mother's Day Hazel's comic strip for Mother's Day Hazel's comic strip for Mother's Day

15 March 2009

While at the deli yesterday Hazel and Leo drew pictures of each other in a tiny notebook Hazel carries with her.

Half Hazel, half Leo; note Leo's Bart Simpson hair and the gun he insists is held in his hand, Bond style Hazel's drawing of her mad brother Leo's drawing of his sister, alien version, holding a very large gun

7 March 2009

Hazel was given a butterfly-shaped notebook a little while ago and has been slowly filling if full of colourful butterflies.


Butterfly 1 Butterfly 3
Butterfly 2 Butterfly 4

Butterfly 5

23 February 2009

During half term week Hazel went to an event at the local museum themed around Time.  There she made both a normal(ish) clock and a grandfather clock with mouse.

Time passing Mouse and clock

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