Leo's Gallery, 2005-2006

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Half Term Aliens
5 November 2006

During half-term Hazel and Leo jointly made a book of aliens.  Here it is.

The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 1 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 2 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 3 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 4
The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 5 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 6 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 7 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 8
The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 9 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 10 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 11 The Big Book Of Aliens, Page 12

The pictures are all largely self-explanatory apart from the last one, which is Leo's.  It shows a war between the Doughnut people and the Traffic Light people.  The Traffic Light people destroyed the Doughnut people's planet so the Doughnut people are fighting back with magnetic dynamite bombs against the Traffic Light people's traffic light dynamite.

Cannon-ball Fire Engine
17 April 2006

Hazel made a Cannon-ball Fire Engine for Leo under his instruction.  He wanted it displayed here.  

Cannon-ball Fire Engine

Black X Team Smoke Watch
8 April 2006

Leo has become obsessed with watches recently and has now made himself a Black X Team Smoke Watch.  Apparently it can blow out smoke, has robot people in it and can tell the time.  

Leo's Black X Team Smoke Watch

Speedy Boy
26 March 2006

This morning Leo decided to make himself a new vehicle, Speedy Boy.  Leo tells us that Speedy Boy has three engines, speedy wheels and a hundred ice missile plane bullets (the drawing pins).  He can also fly using three rocket jets, which are drawn onto the back, and the top engine, which is the padded bag stuck on top.  Finally, he (Speedy Boy) has a face which can shoot missile bullets.

Speedy Boy

More Game Boyds
3 March 2006

Leo has gone on a Game Boyd manufacturing spree, producing one for Hazel, mummy and daddy.

Game Boyd's for daddy (top), mummy (bottom left) and Hazel (bottom right) The top one is daddy's.  It has four cars covered in brown mud and grey dots to indicate the 49 levels available.

The bottom left one is mummy's.  It has five cars completely covered in mud and 18 levels.

The bottom right one is Hazel's with three cars and nine levels.  There is blue sky with mud turning into water turning into a road (apparently).  The water has covered the lower car removing the mud.

Leo's Hot Wheels Ice Collection
19 February 2006

Leo has been telling daddy all week that daddy needs to help him make his Hot Wheels Ice Collection, Leo's big making for the half-term week.  Turns out that Leo knows exactly what he wants, but can't handle the cellotaping.   You need to take into account Leo's fairly active imagination when you view it, as otherwise it appears to be a load of old boxes and envelopes taped together.

Leo's Hot Wheels Ice Collection (please ignore the dismantled pile of castle in the background.)

On the right are the baddie and goodie vehicles (the baddie at the back).  They go over the ramp and up to the plane-standing-swinger which causes them to switch sides.  The good vehicle jumps onwards to the green box on the left-upper side which is called the basher, while the bad vehicle travels around the left-lower side to the white cardboard box (the crocodile) where he is crushed to death, then (Leo tells us) to jail.

A New Game Boyd
16 February 2006

Hazel and Leo have been making things this half-term.  In particular, she and Leo have together made Leo a new Game Boyd.  Leo has one of those cheapy hand-held Crash Bandicoot games that none of us understands how to play; someone at school has a Game Boy, and so he calls the Crash Bandicoot game his "Game Boyd".  What they've done here is to create Leo a new Game Boyd, but one that plays the Starsky and Hutch driving/shooting game he loves so much on the PC.

The new "Game Boyd"

Now, to you and us this is just an old padded envelope with some scribbles on the back.  What you have to understand is that Leo has been carrying around and playing this new Game Boyd for the last two days.  It shows that he is winning over the bad guy by a fair margin, that he can select different levels (the buttons below the title) and the picture in the middle (the blue bits being Leo's own work) is of the baddie going up in smoke just as Leo's car bangs into it going over a ramp, which he's done several times in Series 1, Level 3 of the Starsky and Hutch game.

Leo Playing Starsky & Hutch
16 February 2006

Leo has been doing particularly well recently playing the Starsky and Hutch driving/shooting game on the PC. He is not as good as daddy yet but is certainly on a par with mummy.  He can now reach the pedals as well.  Here he is in action.

Leo playing Starsky & Hutch He can reach the pedals

5 February 2006

Leo's vehicles can occasionally metamorphose into guns, sometimes via a vehicle-with-guns intermediate stage.  This morning he decided to make his biggest gun ever.  Here it is, with an indication of how it is to be used.  Note the symmetrical use of colours, the two eye-holes and the comforting "stop" sign that will confirm to the owner, after taking the gun off his head, that something has been stopped.

Leo's big gun (the "stop" sign is the back of the gun) The big gun in use - note the eye-holes

Leo's Lego Vehicles Again
24 December 2005

Leo asked daddy to make three of the vehicles in his Lego book, but within hours he decided that they were not elaborate enough and took them apart to make a Racer Police Car (left) and the Monster Baddie Car that it is chasing (right) instead.  We're sure you'll agree that Leo's versions are far more exciting.

The boring version daddy made The Racer Police Car and the Monster Baddie

Leo's Lego
30 October 2005

Left alone of a Sunday morning, Leo dipped into his Lego drawer and made a goodie and baddie pair of vehicles all by himself.  He tells us that the goodie's is a super truck power vehicle and the baddie's a super transporter copper (the copper is the baddie apparently). You can't easily see it here, but the goodie vehicle has four rocket motors at the back.  We believe that a design criterion was to use up all the wheels in his Lego drawer.  The good guy has taken his brown hat off (it's on a hook near the feet of his helper), but the bad guy has his black hat firmly in place and is grinning evilly along with the bad-tempered helper sitting behind him.  The baddie steals prize cups every night but the goodie always gets them back.

The goodie vehicle is on the left and the baddie vehicle on the right

Leo On Hazel's Guitar
15 October 2005

Leo loves air guitar and is surprisingly gentle when using Hazel's guitar.  After Hazel recorded her music we let Leo join in (format is mp3).

 You Go You Go

Leo's Pirate Ships
9 August 2005

Pirate Ships Hazel had decide do to a booklet on Napoleon, for which Leo offered to do a picture for the back cover.  It's a bit of a departure since it includes outline drawings.  There are two pirate ships with pirates aboard and flags flying, plus a rain cloud in the sky.  As a neat (and rather Leoy) touch, each of the ships also has a wheel so that it can be used on land.

Leo And The Bean Stalk
7 August 2005

Leo and the bean stalk (Leo's arm in view for scale) Leo planted a bean seed at school and brought it home in mid June.  It was 50 cm tall when it arrived and is now more than 2 metres tall.  If it had a tall enough stick and a good enough water-transport system it would be about 7 metres tall.

31 July 2005

While mummy and daddy were snoozing one Sunday morning, Leo (with some considerable help from Hazel) made a lorry for daddy to play with.  There's a string through the middle connecting the two bits of the lorry together and for some reason there's also a panoramic window with seats inside for viewings.

Leo's lorry (made with considerable help from Hazel)

30 July 2005

Back on the picture theme, here is Leo's drawing of a Leopard.   OK, it's mostly spots, but it is all his own work and quite a step up from the pirate island map.

Leo's Leopard

Leo And The Hawk Moth
17 July 2005

Leo and the Hawk Moth Leo has at last decided that he likes having moths crawling on his hands (he was afraid that they might poo on him), so for the sake of symmetry with Hazel's gallery here's a picture of Leo with a Poplar Hawk Moth on his hand.

Pirate Island Map
18 May 2005

Leo's definitely getting into this drawing thing now, though somewhat free-form it remains.  Last night he drew a pirate map.  The pirate ship is moored on the left.  You should be able to guess where the treasure is buried.

Pirate island map (with treasure)

Time For Leo To Have A Gallery!
26 April 2005

Leo has just turned five, so it's time for him to have a place in this website.  He's not really into drawing or writing, he's into cars, fire engines, ambulances, anything with wheels really.  That said, he decided to do a drawing last night about a story and has done two paintings that he wanted displayed.  Here they are:

An eagle and a flying worm with no wings, in the wind

This is an eagle, and a flying worm with no wings, in the wind.  In case you hadn't spotted it, the worm is on the left and the eagle is on the right with the green bit being it's head.  The wind is the grey wash across it all.

Cubist gingerbread man

This is a gingerbread man with arms attached.  From Leo's early cubist phase.

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