Leo's Gallery, 2007

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Horror James
5 November 2007

This weekend Leo drew a series called "Horror James, Stick Man Version".  It is all about James Bond fighting Zombies with a bit of Mad Max and Frankenstein thrown in.  Since he's never seen a Bond film, or Mad Max, or a zombie or Frankenstein film for that matter, it shows a fair amount of imagination.  He says he took the tragic ending from The Red Shoes; I blame mummy for filling his head with film plots.  Since we were visiting a friend who produces TV programmes at the time, we suggested that he put on each page to prevent his ideas being nicked.  In his first draft (not shown here) he decided it was much much better to put an 'm' in a circle, 'm' for "mine".

James Bond is coming out of his secret HQ
and spots a zombie driving away.

Bond gets into his car to give chase.

The zombies' car transforms into a van and
catches fire as guns and grenades go off.

Bodies are everywhere, people are turning
into zombies and a Mad Max car goes past.

Two houses explode, the zombie's van drives
off the cliff then Frankenstein shoots
Bond and tells his zombie to do the same.

Bond is dead, but the zombie has gone out
of control and is about to kill Frankenstein!

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Love Tank
26 October 2007

Leo made mummy a Love Tank for her birthday.  Mummy is pictured sitting up on the turret.

Love Tank

Birthday Poster
10 October 2007

Leo has teased daddy with a birthday "card" that is also a poster for the film he is planning.

"Happy" from Starsky (who is shooting the gun), "Birthday" from the helicopter pilot, while the poor baddy in the black van is being vanquished Turn over to... Poster for Leo's up-coming film "Electric House", starring Stephen The Hero, who is Invisabel Guy, fighting Darth FIRE

30 September 2007

Leo has had quite a busy weekend.  First he and Hazel went to a Saturday club where, amongst other things, Leo drew this picture of a pair of aliens flying in their saucers in a "no kissing" area (indicated by the spiral sign on the right).  They are breaking the rules by sticking out their rubber extendable lips and snogging.

Love love love yuck

This morning he made a Doom Trap, part of Leo Land.  A subject would walk onto the green mat and then onto the noose laid on the floor.  The light green straw detects whether they are a goodie or a baddie.  If they are a goody they can go on to the Safety X, otherwise either the laser shoots them or the green mat folds over on top of them.  The tower on the right also has lasers, just in case the trap is attacked.  You can see one unfortunate baddie lying in the noose and another on the green mat.

Leo's trap

Catapult And Arrow
13 August 2007

One day during the holidays, inspired by The Dangerous Book For Boys, Leo decided to make himself a catapult.  He had all the bits in his collection of sticks and rubbish, the one he's spent the last several years picking-up and piling in the garage.

Leo's catapult

Hazel decided to make an arrow, but not a bow.  Hence the catapult and arrow was born.

Catapult and arrow

Racing Course
4 August 2007

While daddy was away Leo also made a Racing Course, which was carefully preserved so that daddy could see it when he came home. On the left is a TV tower where the winners are interviewed.  The race starts just to the right of the tower.  First you have to cross the dark bit in the middle which includes flames coming out of the ground.  Then the winner is the first to jump over the ramp on the right, avoiding the dragon's head (which would burn and disqualify you if you drove into it).

Leo's racing course

Welcome Back
4 August 2007

Daddy has been on a two-week trip to Austin Texas with work.  Leo and Hazel both made welcome cards for him on his return, which he very much appreciated.  Leo's card has a drawing of his recently acquired (second-hand) Transformer toy on the right.

Leo's welcome card.  The green and blue thing on the right is a Transformer
Leo's welcome card
Leo's welcome card: welcome from Leo and the Transformer's head

Bye Bye Year 2
18 July 2007

Leo was told to do leaving cards for his teacher and teaching assistant in year 2 as he moves up to year 3.  We thought they were quite good, Mrs Pierce's on the left with  her quite orderly class and Mrs McKee's: she is going to have a very pink baby on a hospital trolley.

Mrs Pierce (on the right) in her old class (Leo on the left) Mrs McKee with some dancing children (Leo on the left again with the Bart Simpson haircut) and a very very pink baby

Crazy Golf
2 July 2007

While Hazel and daddy were busy downstairs recording her songs this evening, Leo decided to make a game of crazy golf on the landing upstairs.  You use the club (old wrapping paper tube) to hit the ball (a small frog hacky-sack thing) between the obstacles and down to the target, where you score a goal if you knock over the fan.  The person who takes the largest number of shots to get there has to put a penny into the penalty box.  Daddy lost, but Leo said he'd loan him a penny to put in the box.

Leo's crazy golf game

Mr Blue
1 July 2007

From bath-time this morning, Mr Blue.  Given his lollipop-beak we reckon he's a form of penguin.

Mr Blue

Father's Day
17 June 2007

Leo made daddy a pair of "Wanted!" posters for Father's Day, offering a chest full of treasure as reward.  Fortunately, using his new-look disguise, daddy was able to give himself up and take the treasure for himself.

Leo's Father's Day present

Nevre Trust Puirts
12 June 2007

Leo decided to write a poem while we were on holiday a few weeks ago. Here it is with his spellings (but not in his handwriting or punctuation as there is no way you would be able to read that).  It is called "Never Trust Pirates" and is basically a little joke about Pirates.

Nevre Trust Puirts

Oh no
Oh dear
The ship won't go
But here comes the amblns

What's wrong?
The ship won't go
He scwrted sum water in the air
It was winde once more
Let's play
And that is what theay did

Theat was fun
Now you can go
And he did

And the canuon balls scorshst his wheels

The End 

12 May 2007

Hazel's homework this week was to draw a picture about World War II, for which she drew an air raid.  Hazel's drawing inspired Leo to spend some considerable time creating his own drawing.  In the bottom-left of the picture is an aircraft carrier; the aircraft, some of which are exploding, are in a dog fight at the top of the picture, while in the centre of the picture is a ship that is about to explode.  The blue block represents a town which is being bombed and, worse than that, is next to a volcano (at the top of the picture) which is spewing lava.  At the bottom right of the picture is the flagship that is coordinating the attack.

War according to Leo

Doctor Who New Series
2 April 2007

Leo is not usually one for drawing, however the new series of Doctor Who started on Saturday and today he bought a Doctor Who magazine that had pens and a notebook with it.  As a result he's been drawing all sorts of Doctor Who creatures.  We've reproduced a few here.

Dalek Tardis Judoon

Truck On Bling
31 March 2007

Leo has spent some considerable time with large amounts of glitter, jewels and glue making this sculpture Truck On Ramp.  The truck is jewel encrusted while the ramp is more glittery than a very glittery thing.

Truck On Ramp

Puppy Power
8 February 2007

Hazel and Leo have begun making small videos with a very very cheap kids video camera.  Here is their first: click on the picture below to view the opening sequence of the hit TV series Puppy Power.

Puppy Power - the opening sequence to each episode

Lego Vehicles
22 January 2007

Leo made two Lego vehicles which he desperately wanted displayed here.

Leo's lego vehicles

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