Leo's Gallery, 2008

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16 November 2008

Leo had an active day today, the most creative part of which was the making of a battery (designed according to The Dangerous Book For Boys).  It consisted of a sandwich of blotting paper soaked in malt vinegar and salt between a disk of kitchen foil and a 2p piece, repeated to make a stack of ten.  A small red LED connected across the ends glowed quite brightly.

Leo's battery lighting an LED

Agent's Language Booklet
18 October 2008

Leo has made an Agent's Language Booklet which he has been carrying with him.  Inside are secret code words that agents can use in their work.  It has a built in security feature: if a baddie looks at it, it is blank (rather like the opposite of Dr Who's psychic paper).  For security reasons we can't show the inside of the booklet here. 

Agent's Language Booklet

Birthday Card
10 October 2008

Leo made a birthday card for daddy's birthday today. Here it is, with subtitles as Leo's attendance at handwriting club has only just begun (his handwriting is no better than daddy's). It has a separate The Dad magazine stuck to the inside, in which it says "My Prayer: we are... very great... armen."

haappy birthday from Leo xxx xxxxxx.
haappy birthday from Leo xxx xxxxxx.

This is the Dad Mag!! !!! !! (Dad Rocks!), "The Dad" [written in "Robots" writing].
This is the Dad Mag!! !!! !! (Dad Rocks!)
The Dad [written in Robots writing].

everything random on this page!!!! bye!!!
everything random on this page!!!! bye!!!

by Leo!!!! and Hazel! bye!
by Leo!!!! and Hazel! bye!

Father's Day
15 June 2008

Leo made daddy a father's day card, where daddy seems to be synonymous with James Bond.

Father's Day card (front)
Father's Day card (inside)

James Bond Comic
19 April 2008

Leo has been writing a James Bond comic.  Rather than show pictures of the comic, we thought it better to let Leo explain it in a video so that you get the full benefit of his sound effects.  Click on the picture below to see it.

Leo's James Bond comic

Easter Bonnets
20 March 2008

We wouldn't normally put school work in here, but Leo was so enthusiastic about doing this (and eating the chocolate eggs from it afterwards) that we thought it worth displaying.

Leo's Easter bonnet

Bond Lego Vehicles
16 March 2008

Leo has been busy making Lego vehicles for James Bond.  The one on the left is a slightly modified Bond police van, next to it is a basic Bond car, next to that is a rather stylish Bond car (our favourite) with a dashboard full of buttons plus a compartment containing weapons and finally, on the right, is a car that has machine guns mounted on the front. 

The four lego vehicles 

Police Station
17 February 2008

For the first time Leo has made a building to go with his Lego cars.  It's a police station and is needed for his bank robbery film, which also involves James and Jake bond (007 and 008).  Daddy was quite impressed that after Leo had deconstructed the really difficult-to-make police van, he managed to reconstruct it all by himself for this scene.

Leo's police station

Colour Chase
31 January 2008

It was wet today and so Leo spent all his wet-play time doing a colour version of the James Bond chase sequence.  James is in the middle and has already got the baddy car.

James Bond's chase sequence in colour

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