Leo's Gallery, 2009

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For The Record
26 October 2009

For the record, Leo made two presents for mummy's birthday but they were both edible and mummy ate them before daddy remembered to get his camera out.

Birthday Picture
10 October 2009

Leo made daddy a picture for his birthday today.  It shows Leo and daddy playing golf on the Wii; daddy appears to have whacked someone on the head with his golf club.

Leo's birthday picture to dad

22 August 2009

Leo and Hazel made "costumes" out of old cardboard boxes today.  Leo chose to be Perry The Platypus from Phineas & Ferb.

Perry The Platypus

Father's Day
21 June 2009

Leo did a James Bond picture of daddy for Father's Day.

Daddy as James Bond

Boomerang Gun
14 June 2009

Leo and Hazel spent Friday and Saturday making a film.  It's called Boomerang Gun (modified from "Dagger" 'cos we couldn't find a dagger).  It's their first film with a proper go at editing and a sound track made up by both mummy and Hazel this morning.  Click on the YouTube link below to see it. 

AT-AP Walker
26 April 2009

Leo spent the morning making a brand new AT-AP Walker set which he desperately wanted displaying here.

Leo's AT-AP Walker

Police Boat
18 April 2009

Leo was given the body of a Lego police boat by Andy at Totally Tropicals a little while ago and has always been disappointed that he doesn't have any instructions on how to build the whole thing.  Recently he heard that Jeremy, a friend of the family, has the police boat with all the bits and has built it. Given an idea of how it looks Leo has done his own version.  It has people inside it working at control panels behind the windows (which are removed in the picture) and a speed boat out front in case of trouble.

Leo's Lego police boat

Lego Gun
2 April 2009

Leo made a huge Lego gun today while getting changed to go to school. He modelled it on an Action Man gun.  Here is a picture of the model and the gun, then a picture of Leo modelling the gun.

Leo's enormous Lego gun
Leo modelling his enormous Lego gun

ID's, Guns And Mother's Day
22 March 2009

Leo has had quite a creative week.  First an old wallet for holding credit cards was found while clearing up and Leo has adopted it as his ID wallet.  Here are the first two ID's he's put in it.  The one on the left is a fake baddie ID for the Dragon Evil Agency and the one on the right is for the Lego Stickman Army Encounter Agency.

Leo's first two IDs

Then, when his Dr Who Adventures magazine arrived this week, he decided to make a UNIT ID from an old piece of cardboard.


This morning he decided to make himself a gun, a MegaBlaster in fact, by sticking two boxes together and drawing on them.

The MegaBlaster

And finally, it is Mother's Day today.  Leo made his card in school on Friday but we thought we would display it here anyway.  The front shows a director making a film of Leo and mummy holding hands in a field under the sun.  On the inside an archer shoots an arrow through a heart.  The arrow travels on through another person but luckily that person is immortal.  Phew.

Leo's Mother's Day card Leo's Mother's Day card

15 March 2009

While at the deli yesterday Hazel and Leo drew pictures of each other in a tiny notebook Hazel carries with her.

Half Hazel, half Leo; note Leo's Bart Simpson hair and the gun he insists is held in his hand, Bond style Hazel's drawing of her mad brother Leo's drawing of his sister, alien version, holding a very large gun

Leo's Gory Book And Comic
7 March 2009

Leo has written a gory book and comic on the subject of secret agents in action. It requires a key to open it, involves quite a lot of shooting, a small mount of blood, a car driving inside a moving van (a la The Italian Job), Elvis and, in a surprise ending, the reader of the book is shot and sent to heaven. Click on the picture below to see it.

Leo's gory book and comic

He also decided to make a secret agent's phone.  Note the extended keypad, the video screen and the very clear secret agent label on the back.

Leo's Secret Agent phone

Time And Bugs
23 February 2009

During half term week Leo went to a "Bug Touching" event at the local library and an event about time at the local museum.   At the first Leo spent some time colouring in a grass hopper in a typically boyish fashion, calling it Leo's Death Hopper and embellishing with crashing planes, bombs and blood (see also similar work elsewhere in Leo's artistic history).

Leo's Death Hopper

At the second he spent a lot more time making Hippo Mouse and colouring in Indiana Mouse (which, if you look carefully, just happens to include a stickman James Bond holding a gun in each hand).

Hippo Mouse Indiana mouse

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