Eddie Eddie

Eddie was only with us for 1.5 weeks, starting on 28 September 2009. We were not sure of his region and, while not being exactly sure of his age, using Marty's growth chart data suggested that he was born on 27 April 2009. 

7 October 2009

We took Eddie back to Millennium Reptiles on Monday to see if Lee could resolve what's wrong with him.  Lee's first reaction was that Eddie was dehydrated - the sunken eyes being a sign of this.  We don't understand how he could be dehydrated because he was being sprayed well morning and evening and had been seen to lick water from the glass in his vivarium.  We left Eddie with Lee but apparently Eddie died the same day.  This is awful - what could we have done wrong?  He was quite thin on arrival, maybe he was ill and the liquid poos were a primary cause of his dehydration?  The vivarium arrangement worked well for Marty so there no clear reason why it should be a problem.

More Scares
4 October 2009

We bought some locust 2nds for Eddie on Friday and fed them to him on Friday night.  He's still not looking very good, often sitting with his eyes closed.  We noticed that he perks up when outside the vivarium on a hand so we moved him from the small-but-tall vivarium to a broader and flatter container that he might find easier in his weakened state.  He was seen to eat one locust and has been pooing, though they are on the runny side with few eurates.

Then on Saturday night he fell over backwards looking catatonic.  We decided to force some of the critical care solution we had for Normie down his throat.  He was hardly moving at all and lay in his viv with his eyes closed, on his side but with his head pointing upwards.  We fed him more critical care solution later in the evening.  We didn't think he would make it to the morning.  However this morning he was more alert so we've been repeating the critical care exercise again every four hours.  His colour is healthy but his eyes are often closed again and he's not really very with it.

Eddie ill

Slightly Scary Moment
1 October 2009

Took Eddie out of his vivarium for a little while yesterday evening and he began doing something strange - opening his mouth wide and swivelling his body like a snake.  Then a partially digested locust emerged from his mouth.  He's sicked-up a locust on me!  It looks as though these 3rds are too big for him.  We've removed the larger of the locusts from his vivarium and while we were doing that he sicked up another locust.  Poor thing.  Some new locusts should arrive today, hopefully some will be small enough for him (the very smallest were out of stock).  It could also be that he's been too cold to digest as the heating in the tank wasn't on properly on 29th September.  He seems to have recovered his composure now and has taken one of those remaining small locusts, so we will simply have to watch him carefully.

28 September 2009

Eddie has arrived.  He is generally lighter in colour than Marty and also substantially larger than Marty was when we purchased him, which is probably a good thing.  He is housed in the small-but-tall vivarium we made for Marty and is already licking water from the walls of the vivarium and enthusiastically eating locusts (3rds). He is also slightly more tame than Marty (doesn't sit staring suspiciously at the person he is walking over) but slightly more stupid as he was seen to wrap his tail around a back leg for security which in turn prevented him from actually moving around. Mind you, he had been placed on a cold metal weighing scale at the time and was probably panicking. Interestingly, he chose to sleep on the floor of his vivarium in the evening rather than high up on the log. At least he won't fall off that way.


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