New Moths Found on 1 June 2008

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A warm Saturday followed by a cooler, damper Sunday.  However, there was an increase in moths, including several Setaceous Hebrew Characters, Heart and Darts and Uncertain or Vine's Rustics then one each of Small Magpie, Shears, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Common Carpet, Garden Carpet, a Buff Ermine, our first Bright-line Brown-eye of the year and a Hedya of some sort. 

Those worth photographing (including two new micros) were:

Many thanks to Mike Wall for spontaneously e-mailing us to sort out the Crambus and the Epiblema (which we though was an Epinotia bilunana).

Pale Tussock Pale Tussock Scorched Wing Brown Rustic Epiblema cynosbatella Celypha lacunana Crambus lathoniellus

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