New Moths Found on 2 August 2008

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Not quite as interesting as last week but still a good catch.  Those worth photographing were:

Most common in the trap were the Pinion-streaked Snouts, Riband Waves, Oak Beauty agg, all the forms of yellow underwing (Large Yellow Underwings, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings), Cnephasia Agg and Dark Arches.  Otherwise there was one each of Dun Bar, Scalloped Oak, Mother of Pearl, Common Wainscot, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Common Rustic, Common Footman, Garden Rose Tortrix, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana and a Stenoptilia/Platyptilia.

Lime-speck Pug Yellow-tail Straw Underwing Grey or Dark Dagger Cabbage Moth Light Brown Apple Moth Blastobasis adustella Light Brown Apple Moth Single-dotted Wave

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