Moths Found on 4 July 2010

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Oodles of moths today.  Those worth photographing were:

Others in the trap were Heart & Darts, Common Footman, Shuttle-shaped Darts, Riband Waves, Dot Moths, Clouded Silvers, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, Flames, Buff Ermins, Grey or Dark Daggers, Heart & Clubs, Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, Dark Arches, Light Arches, Bright-line Brown-eyes, Oak Beauty agg, Ferns, Pinion-streaked Snouts, The Snout, Lozotaenia forsteranas, Double Square-spots, Common Wainscots, Codling Moths, Cabbage Moths, Scoparia pyrallela and Light Brown Apple Moths.

Swallow-tailed Moth Peppered Moth V Pug Small Emerald Endotricha flammealis Buff Arches Buff Tip White Plume Moth Satin Wave Oligia agg. Yponomeuta agg.

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