Moths Found on 5 June 2010

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A wonderful weekend for moths and several interesting varieties of Hawk Moth flying at the same time: a Lime Hawk Moth slightly late (previously photographed here), and a rivet Hawk Moth (previously photographed here) and Small Elephant Hawk Moth (previously photographed here), both slightly early.  Many thanks to Tim Prichard of Suffolk Moths for correcting our ID confusions here.

Others worth photographing were:

Others in the trap were loads of Heart & Dart, several Clouded Silvers and Clepsis consimilana, a Common Marbled Carpet, a Flame Shoulder and a Shuttle-shaped Dart.

Lime Hawk Moth Lime Hawk Moth Privet Hawk Moth Privet Hawk Moth Small Elephant Hawk Moth Light Emerald Scalloped Hazel Common Swift The Shears Oligia agg. Dark Arches Brindled Pug

As a bonus catch, Alice found a small and very pretty day flying moth in the garden this week.  No more than 10 mm long it's a Mint Moth.

Mint Moth

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