New Moths Found on 6 July 2008

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A proper summer selection, though not in high numbers.  The most unusual feature of this trapping was a surfeit of White Plume Moths (previously photographed here), not in the trap itself, but surrounding it in the undergrowth.  But for magnificence, it is still difficult to beat a single Elephant Hawk Moth (previously photographed here).  Beside these, majoring in the trap were Heart and Darts, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, several Least Carpets, and one each of Endotricha flammealis, Small Magpie, Bright-line Brown-eye, Grey or Dark Dagger, Dark Arches and Common Marbled Carpet.

Others worth photographing included:

Elephant Hawk Moth Elephant Hawk MothWhite Plume Moth Oak Beauty agg. Oligia agg. Stenoptilia/Platyptilia Common Footman Codling Moth Diamond-back Moth Riband Wave Dot Moth

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