Moths Found on 6 July 2014

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More good stuff today:

Others in the trap included 34 Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, 26 Dark Arches, 22 Common Footman, nine Crambus agg., seven Dot Moths, seven Bright-line Brown-eyes, six Heart & Darts, six Riband Waves, six Large Yellow Underwings, six Setaceous Hebrew Character, three Light Arches, two Grey or Dark Daggers, three Scoparia Pyrallela, two Least Carpets, a Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, a Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, a Treble Brown-spot, a Small Magpie, a Cnephasia agg., an Endotricha flamealis, a Black Rustic, a Flame, a Snout, a Dun-Bar and a Scalloped Oak.

Small Blood-veinYellow-tailClouded BorderThe PhoenixYponomeuta agg.Peppered MothLime Hawk MothPoplar Hawk Moth

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