Moths Found in South Wales on 6 September 2009

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We went visiting in South Wales, Ystrad Mynach (12 miles north of Cardiff) again and took the moth trap with us.  The warm weekend yielded a trap contents quite similar to the last time we did this (see here).

The star attraction this time was the very aptly named Canary Shouldered Thorn, followed closely by the Gold Spot (previously photographed in South Wales here) glistening in the sun.  The others worth photographing were the marvellous Angle Shades (previously photographed here) the more common but quietly impressive Silver Y (previously photographed here) and a Flounced Rustic (previously photographed here, thanks to DavidG for help with the ID).

Others in the trap were many Common Marbled Carpets in varying colours, many Large Yellow Underwings, several Brimstone Moths and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings, a Clepsis consimilana, a Flame Shoulder and a Setacious Hebrew Character

Canary Shouldered Thorn Gold Spot Angle Shades Angle Shades Silver Y Flounced Rustic

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