New Moths Found on 7 June 2009

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The weather has got cooler again and we were fishing moths out of the trap in the rain this morning.  For the record, though, we are still in the Heart & Dart season and can confirm the suspected catch of the Oak Beauty Agg. (previously photographed here) that got away before we could photograph it last week.  The run on Rustic Shoulder-knots continues and there are a few Garden Carpets (previously photographed here) which display a tendency we've not seen before to fold their wings vertically.  Then there's an Udea olivalis (previously photographed here), an Oligia Agg. (previously photographed here) and an Light Brown Apple Moth (previously photographed here).

Oak Beauty Agg. Garden Carpet Udea olivalis Oligia Agg.  Light Brown Apple Moth

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