New Moths Found on 8 July 2007

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A rare fine weekend in amongst this summer's storms and a reasonable catch in the trap.  Definitely a Privet Hawk Moth year as there were another two in the trap. With it were many Heart & Dart, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics and Common Footman.  Also in-play were a Double-striped Pug, a Bright-line Brown-eye, a Pinion-streaked Snout, a Reddish-light Arches, an Oak Beauty Agg, a Small Magpie, a Scoparia pyrallela, a Garden Rose Tortrix, another male Buff Ermine and a Riband Wave.

Those worth photographing were:

Swallow-tailed Moth Yellow Shell Common Footman Common Wainscot Stenoptilia/Platyptilia The Fern

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