Moths Found on 10 July 2016

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A good variety in the trap, it is July after all.  Those worth photographing included:

Otherwise the trap consisted of ten Common Footman, eight Dark Arches, six Riband Wave, six Heart & Darts, five Small Magpies, five Dot Moths, four Crambus agg., four Common Quakers, three Grey or Dark Daggers, three Codling Moths, two Elephant Hawk Moths, two Bee Moths, two Scoparia Pyrallela, two Green Pugs, two Common Rustic agg., two Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, two Large Yellow Underwings, two Snouts. a Hedya of some form, a Trachycera Advenella, a Batia Unitella, a Buff Ermine, a Bright-line Brown-eyea Flame Shoulder, a Light Arches, a Buff Arches, a Common Wainscot, a Flame, an Oak Beauty agg., a Cnephasia agg., a Small Emerald and an Endotricha Flammealis.

Swallow-tailed MothArgyresthia agg.

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