New Moths Found on 11 May 2008

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Spring is over and we're into summer now. Despite a very warm weekend, mid 20's centigrade, there were only nine moths in the trap.  However they were each a different species and included no less than five varieties that were new to us.  The newbies where the impressively furry/swirly-patterned Puss Moth, the large Scalloped Hazel, the very bark-like Waved Umber, the striking Red Twin-spot Carpet and the, umm, common Common Pug.  Others in the trap were:

Puss Moth Puss Moth Puss Moth's furry head Scalloped Hazel Waved Umber Red Twin-spot Carpet Angle Shades Common Pug Shuttle-shaped Dart Figure of Eighty

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