New Moths Found on 11 July 2009

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A drizzly morning but with a good July collection in the trap despite the rain.  For the first time this year we caught a Poplar Hawk Moth (previously photographed here) as well as another (possibly last week's again) Elephant Hawk Moth.

Others worth photographing included:

Others in the trap were many Brimstone Moths,  Endotricha flammealis, Riband Waves, Heart & Darts, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, Bright-line Brown-eyes, Common Footman, Double Square-spots and Small Magpies, several Codling Moths, Dot Moths, Dark Arches, Grey or Dark Daggers, Oligia Aggs, Least Carpets, Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, Scoparia pyrallela, and Clouded Silvers then one each of Bee Moth, Small Emerald, Mother of Pearl, Common Wainscot, Oak Beauty Agg, Flame, Udea olivalis, Flame Shoulder, Celypha striana, Dwarf Cream Wave and Carcina quercana

Poplar Hawk Moth Poplar Hawk Moth taking off Elephant Hawk Moth Elephant Hawk Moth taking off Spectacle Spectacle's spectacles  Broad-barred White Dun-bar The Sycamore V Pug Lozotaeniodes formosanus Conobathra repandana Phycitodes agg. Single-dotted Wave Large Twin-spot Carpet Cloaked Minor

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