Moths Found on 11 July 2010

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Lots of moths, including many new ones.  Those worth photographing were:

Others in the trap were Heart & Darts, Common Footman, Riband Waves, Dot Moths, Least Carpets, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, Buff Ermins, Grey or Dark Daggers, Heart & Clubs, Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, Dark Arches, Bright-line Brown-eyes, Pinion-streaked Snouts, Swallow-tailed Moths, Oligia agg, Lozotaenia forsteranas, Double Square-spots, Codling Moths, Scoparia pyrallela and Light Brown Apple Moths plus one each of Privet Hawk Moth, V Pug, Common Wainscot, Small Emerald, Oak Beauty agg, Buff Arches, Mother Of Pearl, Small Magpie, Flame, Endotricha flamealis, Brown House Moth, Batia unitella, Garden Rose Tortrix, Clepsis consimilana, Acleris forsskaleana and Yponomeuta agg.

Toadflax Pug Brown China-mark Hawthorn Moth Apple Pith Moth Single-dotted Wave Hedya salicella Phycita roborella Garden Rose Tortrix Garden Rose Tortrix

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