New Moths Found on 14 June 2009

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A proper moth weekend at last with many tens of moths in the trap.  Most marvellous was the Blood-Vein, which we've previously only caught on a visit to South Wales and two new moths for us in the form of the elegant Silver Ground Carpet and the distinctive micro Lozotaenia forsterana.

Others worth photographing included:

Others in the trap were several Small Magpies, a few examples of Oak Beauty agg, the usual Heart & Darts, several Flames and finally some tiddlers in the form of a Hedya of some sort, a Light Brown Apple Moth, several Codling Moths and a Clepsis consimilana.

Blood-vein Silver Ground Carpet Lozotaenia forsterana Buff Ermine Spectacle Burnished Brass The Snout Clouded Silver Common Emerald Straw Dot Udea olivalis Common Marbled CarpetGarden Carpet Oligia agg. Dark Arches Treble Brown Spot Marbled Minor Agg. Green PugStenoptilia/Platyptilia Pinion-streaked Snout Brown Rustic

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