New Moths Found on 15 July 2007

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Despite the weather forecast, a dry and warm weekend reflected in a fine catch: almost all the occupants were present in quantity.  The big beauty for this weekend was a single Elephant Hawk Moth (previously photographed here), followed by a rather fine Scalloped Oak (previously photographed here), a distinctive Early Thorn (previously photographed here), a trio of Small Emerald (previously photographed here) and a particularly fine band of Dot Moth (previously photographed here).  The other regular visitors included many Common Footman, Heart & Dart, Uncertain or Vine's Rustic, Endotricha flammealis (shot below shows its proud stance) and Least Carpet, plus several Dun Bar, Codling Moth, Scoparia pyrallela and Single-dotted Wave.  Also in-play were a Double-striped Pug, a Bright-line Brown-eye, a Pinion-streaked Snout, a Reddish-light Arches, a Large Yellow Underwing, a Fan Foot and an Acleris forsskaleana.

Others worth photographing were:

Elephant Hawk Moth Elephant Hawk Moth staring at you Scalloped Oak Early Thorn Small Emerald Dot Moth Phlyctaenia coronata The Sycamore Endotricha flammealis in its proud stance Stenoptilia/Platyptilia Small Rivulet Udea prunalis Batia unitella Orthopygia glaucinalis

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