Moths Found on 17 July 2016

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Those worth photographing today included:

Otherwise the trap consisted of thirteen Riband Waves, nine Diamond-back Moths, six Common Quakers, five Endotricha Flammealis, four Dot Moths, four Scoparia Pyrallela, four Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, three Common Footman, three Crambus agg., three Brindled Pugs, two Celypha striana, two Small Magpies, two Grey or Dark Daggers, two Bee Moths, two Brown House Moths, a Privet Hawk Moth, a Peppered Moth, a Buff Ermine, a Yponomeuta agg., an Acleris Forsskaleana, a Codling Moth, a Single-dotted Wave, a Heart & Dart and a Dark Arches.

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