New Moths Found on 19 July 2009

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Storms are roaming the countryside but we have managed to put out the moth trap and empty it without getting wet.  Nothing very new in the trap today, though quite an impressive Underwing flew off before we could photograph it.

Those worth photographing included:

Others in the trap were many Grey or Dark Daggers, Riband Waves, Endotricha flammealis, Heart & Darts, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, Bright-line Brown-eyes and Double Square-spots, Scoparia pyrallela, several Shears, Single-dotted Waves, Least Carpets, Dun-bars, Codling Moths, Dot Moths, Dark Arches, Oak Beauty Agg, Mother of Pearl, then one each of Bee Moth, Common Wainscot, Flame, Small Magpie, Celypha lacunana, Diamond-back Moth and Shuttle-shaped Dart

Silver Y Scalloped Oak Cabbage Moth

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