New Moths Found on 24 May 2009

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A beautiful bank holiday weekend in which were expecting a large catch.  On the first night the catch was certainly the largest yet and with some variety but still we're not into the season proper it seems, with only 11 moths in the trap.  We've hit the start of the Heart & Dart and the Flame Shoulder season, both numerous in the trap, and a few Shuttle-shaped Darts remain. Best, though was the appearance of a Cinnabar Moth, our first, and since it's a day flying moth it demonstrates the warmness of even the early morning.  The impressive Peppered Moth (previously photographed here) made an appearance, then the pretty Small Magpie (previously photographed here), The Shears (previously photographed here), and finally the distinctive but not uncommon Rustic Shoulder-knot (previously photographed here) and Bright-line Brown-eye (previously photographed here).  There was also what looked like an Oak Beauty Agg. that got away before we could photograph it.

Then on the second night of consistently good weather, in addition to the above and this time with more like 20 moths in the trap, we gained the first hawk moth of the year: a Lime Hawk Moth (male) in perfect condition. Also in the trap were a Common Swift, many Common Marbled Carpets of both colour variations, a Flame, another good example of a Rustic Shoulder-knot (previously photographed here) and a few pugs that were too worn to properly identify.

Lime Hawk Moth Cinnabar Moth Peppered Moth Small Magpie The Shears Common Marbled Carpet Common Marbled Carpet Rustic Shoulder-knot Rustic Shoulder-knot Bright-line Brown-eye

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