Moths Found on 26 June 2011

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Lots of colour today.  Common Footman was in the majority but there were many others to see  The others worth photographing included:

Aside from these there were also two rather impressive Privet Hawk Moths of quite differing sizes, several Bright-line Brown-eyes, Sycamores, Bee Moths, Dun-bars, Hebrew Characters, Grey or Dark Daggers and Riband Waves, then one each of Flame, V Pug, Peppered Moth and the first Dot Moth of the year.

Elephant Hawk Moth Swallow-tailed Moth Cinnabar Moth Light Arches Yellow Shell Broad-barred White Buff Arches Common Wainscot Oak Beauty Agg. Brown Rustic Mottled Rustic Large Nutmeg Lesser Cream Wave Clouded Brindle Yponomeuta agg. Scoparia Pyralella Stenoptilia/Platyptilia Treble Brown Spot Hedya Clepsis consimilana Apple Pith Moth

For bonus points, we've also hatched one more pupa in-doors: a  Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (previously photographed here).

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

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