New Moths Found on 26 July 2008

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Summer is here!  We missed putting the trap out last weekend (which would probably have been just as good) but this weekend made up for it.  Several representatives of each of the most interesting varieties were present.  Most common in the trap were a load of Scalloped Oak and, worth photographing again, the beautiful Mother Of Pearl.  However, the sight of the morning was a Chinese Character that Alice spotted sitting on a plant nearby.  It's an absolutely amazing creature.

Others worth photographing were:

Otherwise, there were several Dun Bar, Riband Wave (with and without the dark band), Common Footman, Grey or Dark Dagger, Pinion-streaked Snout, Scoparia pyrallela, Uncertain or Vine's Rustic, Least Carpet, Dark Arches and Large Yellow Underwing, then one each of Flame Shoulder, Common Wainscot, Heart and Dart, Dot Moth, Endotricha flammealis, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Codling Moth, Common Rustic, Light Arches, Dwarf Cream Wave and a Double Square-spot.

Chinese Character Mother Of Pearl The Magpie Small Magpie Common Emerald Oak Beauty Agg. Acleris forsskaleana Yponomeuta Agg. Cnephasia Agg Cloaked Minor Short-cloaked Moth Conobathra repandana

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