Moths Found on 27 June 2010

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A very hot weekend, approaching 30 C during the day, and a full trap to match.

Those worth photographing were:

Others in the trap were a Privet Hawk Moth, many Heart & Darts and Common Footman, several  Shuttle-shaped Darts, Riband Waves, Dot Moths, Garden Carpets, Clouded Silvers, Uncertain or Vine's Rustics and Buff Ermin, then one each of Celpyha striana, Oligia agg, Nutmeg, The Sycamore, Udea olivalis, Light Brown Apple Moth and a Bee Moth.

Lilac Beauty Heart And Club Ringed China-mark (female) The Snout The Clay Oak Beauty agg The Fern Double Square-spot Trachycera advenella Codling Moth Agapeta hamana


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