Moths Found on 27 July 2014

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The last trap of the season for this year and only one to show: a rather good example of the wonderfully coloured Carcina quercana (previously photographed here).

Others in the trap included eight Dark Arches, six Oligia agg., four Large Yellow Underwings, three Crambus agg.two Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, two Least Carpets, two Riband Waves, a Poplar Hawk Moth, a Bright-line Brown-eye, a Lesser Common Rustic, a Copper Underwing agg., a Spectacle, a Heart & Dart, an Euzophera Pinguis, an Yponomeuta agg.a Scoparia Pyrallela and a Stenoptilia/Platyptilia.

Carcina quercana

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