Moths Found on 29 June 2014

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Some good moths in the trap today, where those worth photographing including a newbie for us:

Others in the trap included 28 Heart & Darts, 11 Uncertain or Vine's Rustics, nine Dark Arches, six Common Footman, five Scoparia Pyrallela, four Bright-line Brown-eyes, three Dot Moths, two Grey or Dark Daggers, a Peppered Moth, a Buff Ermine, a Light Arches, an Oligia agg, a Clay, a Garden Carpet, a Setaceous Hebrew Character, a Crambus agg. and a Flame.

Small Blood-veinScalloped HazelSmall EmeraldElephant Hawk MothBuff TipLeast CarpetCnephasia agg.Stenoptilia/Platyptilia

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