Moths Found on 30 June 2013

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A beautiful selection this morning including a new one for us in the form of the Ghost Moth (a female, the males are white and earned the species their name), a Small Elephant Hawk Moth (previously photographed here), a White Ermine (previously photographed here) and a lovely Green Pug (previously photographed here).

Others in the trap included two Buff Ermine (one male, one female), a Sycamore, a Cloaked Minor, a Garden Carpet, two Oak Beauty agg,  two Grey or Dark Daggers, a Codling Moth, a Bee Moth, two Dark Arches, three Large Yellow Underwings, a Spectacle, two Stenoptilia/Platyptilia and no fewer than twenty eight Hart & Darts.

Ghost MothWhite ErmineSmall Elephant Hawk MothGreen Pug

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