Beef Olives [does not involve olives]

Chopped steak
Cut each of the two long steaks in half.
Sausage of stuffing on a
Place a sausage of stuffing on the end of a steak.
"Olive" rolled
                up, ready to be tied
Role the steak over the stuffing, place the "olive" on the string.
First loop: make this one
Bring the string over the "olive" and twist tightly.
Flip over and bring the
                string around
Roll the "olive" over, bring the string around the ends.
...and tie in a bow
Bring ends of string together.
A complete
Tie string in a knot or a bow.
"olives" ready
                for frying
Four "olives" completed.
The complete dish
After cooking.

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Serves 2 generously (two "olives" each).

Note: you will need string to bind up the "olive" parcels and kitchen scissors on the table so that your diners can remove the string.
Note: if you want to avoid beef, this can be made with lamb neck, sliced in half height-ways and then beaten out, possibly even also sliced in half width-ways to make nice small portions, and with the sausage meat replaced by minced turkey thigh or chicken.


For the stuffing:
For the sauce:


  1. Pre-heat oven to 170 C.
  2. Begin making the stuffing by cooking the mushrooms and shallots together in a saucepan until softened.
  3. Add these to all of the other stuffing ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
  4. Cut your two long thin steaks in half.
  5. Divide the stuffing mixture into four.
  6. Make a sausage shape of a stuffing portion and place it on the end of one of your steaks (see pictures above).
  7. Role the steak up around the stuffing and tie a piece of string (about twice the length of the chopping board worked for me) around it, binding all four sides, ending in a knot or a bow (see pictures above).
  8. Repeat to make four "olives"; don't worry if you have stuffing left over, just dump it into the sauce.
  9. Season the "olives" well.
  10. Fry the onions for the sauce until softened and then transfer them to a small oven dish that is big enough to hold all four "olives".
  11. Increase the heat and sear all four "olives" on all sides then place them on top of the onions.
  12. Melt the butter in the same pan with the flour, stir well for about one minute then add the stock in stages, stirring all the time, to complete the sauce.
  13. Season the sauce to taste (be generous) and pour it over the "olives".
  14. Cover the dish with foil and cook the "olives" in the oven for at least 1 and up to 2 hours, until the steak is tender (give it a poke with a knife).

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