Peach Melba

From: we looked at Nigella and we looked at Nigel Slater and then we decided for ourselves after a little experimentation.
Serves 4.


For the peaches:

For the coulis:

For the cream:



  1. Bring the water, Muscat wine, vanilla pod and caster sugar to a simmer in a pan.
  2. Take out the peaches and remove their skins as they become ready.
It is a vexing business, the ripeness of peaches.  We had one batch that was ready after being simmered for 10 minutes in this mixture, others that needed 30 minutes.  You'll have to do this by trial and error: the skin of each peach should pucker such that it can be peeled off by hand (after it has cooled a little).  If it does not, put the peach back again.
  1. Halve the peaches (looking for the natural split line is best) and discard the stone.
  2. Place in the fridge to cool.
  3. Turn up the heat and reduce the remaining wine/water/sugar mixture to 1/4 the volume to make a syrup.
  4. Zizz the raspberries in a food processor.
  5. Add 4 tbsp of the syrup made above and 2 tbsp Grenadine.
  6. Sieve the raspberries to remove the pips.
  7. Put the resulting coulis and the remaining syrup in separate containers in the fridge.
  8. Mix 4 tbsp mascarpone with the 4 tsp Amaretto and at least 1 tsp icing sugar (more to taste).
  9. Place the resulting cream in the fridge.
  10. To serve, in each bowl place two halves of peach, offer the cream, coulis and syrup, and optionally the vanilla ice cream, for each guest to add to their own taste.

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