Pear Brandy (Failed Attempt 1)

From: Jackie Duprey (my hairdresser); something her grandad used to make.

Note: this is a work in progress but we're told that from 10 bottles employed you may get one bottle with a pear in it. You should begin the making process in late May.

Bottles around the pears on
          the treeClose
          up on one bottleCracked!Failed!



  1. Select branches of your pear tree which have tiny pears growing at the end of a discrete branch that is reasonably straight, at least 15 cm long, and strong enough to support a bottle.
  2. Trim the branch so that there are no leaves or protruding parts for about 15 cm.
  3. Tie some twine around the metal bottle top retainer.
  4. Feed the end of the branch into the bottle so that the tiny pear sits about in the middle of the bottle.
  5. Use the twine to secure the bottle in place on the tree.
  6. Repeat until all bottles are used up.
  7. A few weeks later, check if any of the pears in bottles have fallen off and reposition them onto new branches before the pears get too big to fit into the neck of the bottle.
  8. After a few weeks the pears had fallen off in 5 of my 10 bottles.
  9. By mid August, the remaining pairs, while still attached, had all cracked (see third picture above); I don't know whether this is to be expected or the result of our very hot summer.
  10. Come October it was clear that the bottles were filling with rainwater and the pears were mostly cracked and off their stalks.  Hmph.  Need to try again next year.

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